SDD Sliding Door Damper

We present a new product group for a smooth dampening and closing of sliding doors and other applications involving linear moved masses of ca. 40-400 kg.
The Sliding Door Gas Spring is our inexpensive entry-level product. Complementing the SD product family, the SDG provides a safe braking and prevents the braked masses from swinging back. The SDD is an advanced product for a safe, gentle and targeted braking and closing of sliding doors. With our Sliding Door Damper we are launching a real door-damper innovation into the market.

Application and Function

The Sliding Door Damper (SDD) provides a harmonious and safe damping, even when closing heavy doors, windows and drawer of 60-400 kg. Its novel design and suitability for linear moved masses of more than 100 kg make the SDD a value-adding product for many industries. Depending on the speed and weight of the door, we do have the suitable SDD for your application.

The Sliding Door Damper is a spring-damper element that combines the functions of two gas springs and one oil damper. Three functions are thus combined:

  • cushioned docking
  • degressive braking
  • gentle closing

By the assist of additional assembly slots at the end of the housing, the installation becomes very easy and flexible.

We offer our Sliding Door Damper in different assembly dimensions

TypesAssembly Dimension
SDD 04-12:a=287 / b=319 / c= 14,5 / d=24,6 mm
SDG 04-12:a=287 / b=319 / c= 14,5 / d=24,6 mm
SDD 06-15:a=423 / b=463 / c=24 / d=32,1 mm
SDD 06-19:a=423 / b=463 / c=24 / d=32,1 mm
SDD 08-23:applied